Tuesday, 27 October 2009

the end is the beignning - installations by wai-yi lai

When is the beginning?

The name of the exhibition is adapted from one of my favorite songs
“The end is the beginning is the end” by an American band, Smashing
Pumpkins in the mid 90’s. I like the name of this song which reminds me of the Zen philosophy that everything that happens in this life is attached to our past lives. This concept of correlation is very fascinating. Similar to art making, the works are always linked together. The end of a work is usually continued with another work which shares the similar root. I remember when it started, but am never sure when it’s the end which is general description of how my works begin; somehow explains why my current and old works are “cross influenced”.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Exhibition at Kumpula Botanic Garden

map of the garden (T= artwork location)

A group work with Andres Ferrandiz and Pasi Ojala, titled The Story will be exhibited
Come and enjoy the FRESHEST opening at the new botanic garden in Helsinki
See you on the lawn!

Kumpula Botanic Garden Opening Party
10.6.2009 at 18:00
Free admission and all are welcome!

More information:
Kumpula Botanic Garden

Open daily 9 am - 7 pm, until September 30
Address: Jyrängöntie 2, 00560 Helsinki
How to get there: From city Center Tram 6, Bus 71
(Please refer to JourneyPlanner for more information)

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Thursday, 4 June 2009


The exhibition will include many artists with varied and conflicting opinions about the social, political and economic condition of Europe. '46' intends to provide an open platform where diverse ideas can be displayed and debated.
It's is part of the programs during the Aschaffenburg Culture Days which this year run under the title "Europe".

27 June– 27 July 2009
Opening Saturday 27 June/ 6pm

Webergasse am Schloss
63739 Aschaffenburg
T. +49(0)6021 13592 or 017680011850

For more information:
Aschaffenburger Kulturtage / Aschaffenburg Culture Days

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preliminary investigation

Press Release

Preliminary investigation as a juridical concept which created an
essence of Patarei prison for decades. Guilty and not guilty,
waiting for the court in inhuman circumstances, were brought to
test their human limits. Reflections of extremely complicated
human relationships and emotions are still accumulated into the
walls and air of the Patarei.

As well we can call preliminary investigation a process of
examination these reflections after real prison has been liquidated
many years ago. Panic fear during lonely walks inside the building,
psychologically and physically felt oppression in proportions of
human and room, light, silence and smells are just few
parameters which stimulate mental and emotional processes
inside the sensitive people.

"Preliminary investigation" is an exhibition of the works created
in a collaborative course between the University of Art and
Design Helsinki and the Estonian Academy of Arts.
Twenty students from these two schools participated in
the project, working on site at the Culture Park Patarei in Tallinn,
Estonia. This site is a former sea fortress and prison, built
originally in the 1820s. Reconfiguring the remnants that were
left in the prison, and introducing new elements into its history,
the students have made works of art that speak to the history of
the site and to those who have lived within its walls

Participants: Sarah Alden, Sebastian Bartel, Chaneldior, Ana
Costa, Ana Fradique, Shira Igell, Villem Jahu, Wai-Yi Lai,
Andrus Lauringson, Mercedes Pino López, Päivi Maunu,
Pieter Van Nieuwenhuyse, Teresa Novotny, Margarita Rossello
Ramon, Mai Sööt, Villekarel Viirelaid, Mirimari Väyrynen,
Magdalena Wögerbauer, Ilari Kähönen.

The instructors for the course were Scott Andrew Elliott
(Environmental Art department, UIAH) and Erik Alalooga
(Interdisciplinary Studies, EAA).


Exhibition period: June 3 to August 31
Venue: Culture Park Patarei, Tallinn, Estonia
Opening hour: Wed - Sun 12:00 - 18:00 (Entrance until: 17:15)
Entrance fee: EEK 30

More information of Culture Park Patarei:
Contact person: Manager Andrus Villem
Tel: +372 5046536
E-Mail: info@patarei.org

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